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BrowseCD for Windows

Download current release: BrowseCD 1.0.0.x

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Did you ever want to create well-arranged data CD-ROMs? Or are you still searching for the perfect and easy-to-use content management system? Are your CDs a mess?

BrowseCD can help you. Just put it into the root directory of your CD-ROM. When it is started, it shows a directory tree, with its root set to the current directory (i.e. your CD-ROM). The user can browse just like using the Windows Explorer, seeing only the directories.

But now comes the special thing. If a directory contains a "Readme.txt" file(German "Liesmich.txt", French "LisezMoi.txt" and Italian "LeggiMi.txt" are supported as well), it gets a special icon and, when selected, the text is loaded and shown. So the user can easily browse the CD content without being bothered by searching the readme's.

When the object of interest is found, one mouseclick on the "Open dir" button opens the selected directory using the Windows Explorer, where you can access all the included files and subfolders. Another button called "Copy dir to:" can copy the whole selected folder to a given destination folder, so you could copy all stuff of interest first (this is nice for directories containing setup files).

BrowseCD was inspired by Debian Linux' "dselect" tool.

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